Vista Cam - Underwater Video

Lake Full of Treasure
Now you can treasure hunt like a Pro, see like a fish, find lost anchors, motors, minnow buckets, rods reels, tackle and boxes, hats, sunglasses, tools, motors, sunken boats and more. Your favorite lake, the woods, backyard are now adventurous areas for your entire family.
Picture of New Carrying CaseWe have had an exciting first 6 months of business with a product that has had tremendous sales. Customer interest for our underwater TV has been unbelievable. Ask our dealers if they have any other product that has as much interest or is as easy to sell as the Vista Cam. The demand for the Vista Cam has been so strong we have had difficulty delivering product as fast as it sells. Until now we have not been able to keep up with demand. Now with greatly increased purchasing we are able to add new dealers and distributors. Its not too late, we are about to introduce several great new products.

We have had lots of publicity and press attention. Vista Cam has been on Local news shows in the Twin Cities and on National TV with ABC, NBC, and CNN with recovery efforts for the tour boat in Hot Springs Arkansas.

The right Product at the right price. The Vista Cam is American made in Minnesota. The Vista Cam uses the highest quality components available. The Vista Cam was developed because there was no economical underwater TV available. Not a little but a lot more bang for you buck. The Vista Cam is not a Low priced alternative; its the high-end choice at a low cost.

Skin Diving without Getting Wet
You can discover the hidden rocks and sandbars, weedbeds, and monsters everyone talks about that lurks near a sunken tree or beaver lodge. Your family can share an exciting new adventure and discover nature like never before.

An Excellent Security Camera
Next time you hear an unfamiliar noise late at night, don't wander around the yard - instead, let the Vista Cam look around for you. The system easily connects to most VCR's, allowing you to record remotely. The Vista Cam is easy to use and operates off any 12-volt battery or off a 110 outlet. the Vista Cam works great as a security camera.

Beat the High Cost
Camera Now is the time to take advantage of the best price. The Vista Cam is an attractive package featuring a 7" wide TV and top quality Sony CCD wide angle camera. The Vista Cam offers a total viewing area of 49 square inches, when other models offer 35-inches or less. The Vista Cam is rated to operate effectively in depths over 100 ft.

See in Total Darkness
Imagine sitting at the end of your dock and watching walleyes come in on a moon-less night. That giant "blip" on the depth finder is no longer a mystery. Built-in Infrared Lights improve visibility and allow you to see in TOTAL DARKNESS. The LED's give reflective vision, they won't light up the lake at night - when a fish comes into view the reflected infrared shows on the screen as a visible light.

People Who Don't Fish
Everyone can enjoy the educational and entertainment value. It's not just for fishing! Take time to show your children, grandchildren, or great grandchildren the beauty and excitement of an underwater world.

Apples to Apples
We challenge anything else out there. You don't have to settle for second best. The Vista Cam offers the highest in quality at an unbeatable price. The Vista Cam is as high quality a unit as anything else on the market. BEAT THE RUSH, SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED!!!

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Prices Start at $299
Our sealed and pressure rated underwater Black and White camera is rated to over 150 feet depths and features a Sony CCD wide angle camera with Infrared nightvision and allow for viewing in total darkness. The camera also comes with custom stainless steel rigging. The camera can be used direct with most VCR's or TV's that are monitor capable.

The Standard Vista Cam $399
The basic system is shown  with the optional hard plastic carrying case. The Standard  system features the same Infrared nightvision camera and rigging as above with a 7" Black and White TV/Monitor with AM/FM radio.
Options for this system are:
Soft Case $24
Adjustable float $15
120 foot cable $50
3 year service agreement $39
9" TV/Monitor w/radio $39
9" sold separately $129

Pictured right - optional soft case

Soft Case
The New Deluxe Vista Cam $499
The Deluxe System includes: 9" B/W TV, custom fitted and padded hard plastic case, Lo-Glare sun shield and 9" camera float. Compared to the Standard, the Deluxe System has a value added savings.

The Deluxe system features the newly designed Infrared nightvision camera with stainless diving plane. The Deluxe has both horizontal and vertical stabilizers to provide stabilizers to provide reduced drag for smooth easy travel through the water. The Diving plane has minimal need for heavy weights.

Pictured right - custom fitted and padded 
hard plastic case with Lo-Glare sun shield.

Options for this system are:
120 foot cable $50
3 year service agreement $39
12" TV/Monitor w/radio $49
12" sold separately $169
13" Color Combo TV/VCR $369
12 volt VCR $199


Pictured right - 9" Black and White TV

Email Us At: [email protected]

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